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Spiders and Scorpions workshop Melbourne Australia

Jason Penfold welcomes you to a rare, hands-on experience with some of nature's most feared and loved arachnids.

The Spiders & Scorpions class gives you a chance to work with two spiders and two scorpions of varying size and species. Through clear demonstrations and group tuitions, you’ll be taught how to handle entomology equipment to expertly pose and pin your specimens.

You will pin and take home two spiders and two scorpions complete with a shadow box to display your specimens from the class.  You will also go home with basic Entomology tools to help you continue your practice at home. 

Spiders and Scorpions taxidermy class workshop Melbourne Australia
Spiders and Scorpions Entomology taxidermy class workshop Melbourne Australia musuem

You’ll be taught 3D silicon injection, an innovative method created by Jason and used within his own art practice, to create lifelike, sculptural specimens to a museum standard. All methods are taught so that they’re easily replicated at home, ensuring your entomology journey continues well after the class. 


You'll discover the fascinating anatomy that sets arachnids apart from other invertebrates while observing Jason’s live Flinders Ranges Scorpion, named Seymour. Used as a live reference, alongside meticulous teaching, Seymour will help inspire you to bring your creations to life.


Jason’s fine art background has assisted him in developing the Spiders & Scorpions class into an engaging experience which teaches students to work with specimens in a clear, practical and dynamic way. You’ll leave the class with extensive knowledge of specimen preservation, supported by anatomical knowledge and methods of lifelike modelling, to create long-term displays to a museum standard.


​Each Violet Eyes Entomology class gives students exclusive access to Jason’s curated store, filled with natural history, entomology tools and a range of unique specimens. This selection aims to provide students with something unique so that you can start your own self-made museum at home.  


Everything from tool to specimen is provided and no prior experience is needed to attend. This class is a catered event with dishes revolving around fresh, seasonal produce.


Violet Eyes Entomology has an ongoing commitment to ensuring practices are ecological. All classes use sustainable and renewable resources wherever possible and Jason is committed to passing on these practices to you. 


Jason understands that some students may feel uncomfortable or frightened by the idea of handling the arachnids. The Spiders & Scorpions class aims to provide space and support for any student who may have any hesitations.


To bust some myths, Jason recommends listening to the following podcasts:


Spiders and Scorpions Class Melbourne
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