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Based on the telson of a giant forest scorpion (Heterometrus spinifer), the Brass Scorpion Relic is an homage to the arachnid’s iconic stinger.


Artist Jason Penfold used modern technologies to create a 3D rendering of the scorpion telson, which was then enlarged 300 times. Using a 3D printer, the rendering was printed into its first physical form. The printed telson served as a model to create a sand-cast, into which two kilograms of molten brass was poured.


Each Brass Scorpion Relic has been hand-finished by Melbourne-based metalsmiths, to bring out the natural lustre of the brass. Every relic has been refined with precision and care.


Designed to transcend time, the Brass Scorpion Relic is a seamless amalgamation of modern sculpture making technologies and age-old metalworking practices. The relic is heavy with its own history, ready to be part of yours.


Hand-made at a local Melbourne metal foundry, with final detailing done by Jason Penfold. 

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