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Golden honey fresh from the comb drizzles over nectar-filled violets that lay upon a bed of precious woods - as glowing, intriguing and exciting as the natural world from which they came. 


The concept

A Study of Honey is an olfactive examination of the golden liquid created by honey bees. From nectar-filled violets, to honey dripping fresh from the comb, the scent glows with delicate sweet and floral nuances, while woods envelop the space.

Developed by Jason with the world's oldest perfume distillery located in Grasse, France. A Study of Honey takes the senses deep into the natural world, one that's eager to intrigue and excite. 

The scent envelopes with three main notes; Violet, Honey and Guaiac Woods, with warm waves of beeswax, moss and heliotrope.

The fragrance


The vessel

Made from slipcast stoneware, the jet black candle vessel is hand poured and fired in Melbourne, Australia.


The candle, inspired by traditional gold-mining crucibles, is intended to be repurposed after burning as a flower vase, Entomology tool holder or drinking vessel.

Each vessel is entirely unique and shows signs of the handmade process. These variations add depth and beauty to the ceramic craft, signifying their spirit and dissimilarity to the mass-produced

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