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Discover the artistry and learn the skills needed to create your own Victorian butterfly display dome.

In this beginner-level workshop, artist Jason Penfold invites newcomers into the world of entomology and introduces skilled attendees to a new art form.


In this hands-on workshop, you will work with a curated selection of blue morpho butterflies, picked for their beauty, rarity and endless allure. Jason will guide you through each step as he shares his knowledge of sculpture-making and correct handling methods, ensuring the delicacy of each specimen is both preserved and artfully displayed. 


All specimens are pinned and positioned prior to the class and no additional skills are needed, making this a captivating and rewarding class for all attendees, regardless of knowledge and skill level.


You will leave the class with an introduction to both entomology and sculpture-making, alongside your museum-standard Victorian-style dome, allowing you to showcase the beauty of these winged wonders in your personal collection.

Victorian Butterfly Dome Class
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