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With a silhouette inspired by ancient canopic jars and softly adorned with the serenity of a smooth river stone, the still stone urn creates an intimate relationship between memory, nature and time.


Individually handmade by Jason Penfold in Melbourne, Australia, the ceramic still stone urn has been designed to transcend the present and become an heirloom relic, much like the pieces that inspired it.


Idealised to begin its journey as a vase, the urn's stone can be kept as a sculptural object or stored for a later time. When the time comes to be repurposed, ashes can be lovingly held within and the stone placed atop, creating a calm commemorative. 


Whether used during life or death, the still stone urn is as timeless as the spirit of the loved one held within.


While purposed as a vase or sculpture, be mindful of bumps, knocks and drops. To clean, wipe with a soft damp cloth and air dry.


When the time comes to repurpose as an urn, the ashes can be lovingly held within the provided cloth bag. For care and support in this process, we recommend contacting a local funeral director.


Capacity: 2.2lt Approx

Dimensions : 27cm H x 16cm W


Personalised initials and dates can be hand inscribed on the bottom of the urn, please put these in the notes of the order at checkout. 

Please note that personalisation may take approx 6 weeks to finish and ship. 

Still Stone Urn

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