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The framed Morpho Adonis serves as a visual reminder to embrace irregularity and find beauty in a loved life. These framed specimens display damage that naturally occurred during the butterfly’s lifetime, showcasing the specimen’s unique biological timeline. 


As an A2 quality specimen, this Morpho Adonis would often be disregarded and deemed unsuitable for display by museums and private collectors - framing them gives new life to something that would often be wasted. Although the Morpho has a less than perfect appearance, its brilliant iridescent blue continues to gleam, making it the perfect gift for a natural history lover or thoughtful touch to your gallery wall.


Please note that every A2 specimen is unique and that tears, discolouration and scratches are intended to be embraced and loved.


The frame measures 19x14x3.5cms.


To best preserve specimen colour and vibrancy, display out of direct sunlight and away from moisture.

Perfectly Imperfect Framed Morpho Adonis

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