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The Death’s-head Hawkmoth is commonly identified by the skull-shaped pattern adoring its thorax, the characteristic from which both its common and scientific names were derived.


The evocative marking exhibited by the Death’s-head epitomises the archetypal imagery we place upon animals and their natural markings, and in pop culture has become a powerful symbol for the supernatural.


Positioned and pinned to best display its natural colourings and patterns, this specimen has been displayed in a minimalist black frame allowing it to easily slip amongst your most treasured pieces. A PH-neutral mount and enamelled specimen pins have been used to ensure your specimen is preserved for years to come.


Each specimen has been pinned with precision and care by Jason in his studio, to best showcase each unique colour pattern and formation.


The frame measures 17cm x 12cm x 3cm and can be easily hung on the wall or positioned upright amongst your vignette. 


To best preserve specimen colour and vibrancy, display out of direct sunlight and away from moisture.


Please allow 1-2 days handling time as every framed specimen is made to order.

Framed Deaths Head Hawkmoth

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