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Jason Penfolds invites you to bring the Violet Eyes Entomology studio into your home once again with his second guide.


Exploring beetles and geology, Violet Eyes Entomology Guide: Volume 2 equips you with all the tools, specimens and learning materials you need to preserve beetles to a museum standard. You will be given creative control over your final pieces, selecting between 1 of 3 diverse and artful arrangements to beautifully display your specimens and minerals.


Through a 1.5 video tutorial, you will be guided by Jason in your own home, allowing you to work at your own pace. The video tutorial demonstrates each step from multiple angles which, alongside HD macro filming for the delicate processes, richly immerses you into the artform. Accompanied by practical instructions and simple diagrams, Jason delivers high-quality tuition in the entomological process, which is perfect for newcomers.


The Violet Eyes Entomology Guide: Volume 2 includes the following:

  • Ongoing access to the 1.5 hour video tutorial.

  • Eight beetle specimens of various genus. 

  • One hand-selected stone, selected to beautifully complement your beetles.

  • All the Entomology tools you need to complete the guide and continue your entomological practice at home.

  • One shadow frame and one foam board.

  • The supplies required to construct high-quality reusable pinning boards

  • High quality, reusable canvas rehydrator sheets.


Everything from tool to specimen is provided and no prior experience is needed to complete the guide. Students of all skill and ability will feel comfortable, informed and nurtured whilst watching Jason’s video tutorial, allowing your entomology journey to continue well after the guide is complete.


Violet Eyes Entomology has an ongoing commitment to ensuring practices are ecological. This guide uses sustainable and renewable resources wherever possible and Jason is committed to passing these practices to you.

Entomology Guide: Volume 2

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